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Q & A
Q: Where is the Onblonde Farm located and how do I sign up for  Farm Days or Boarding?

A: Onblonde Farm is located in Jupiter FL. For Farm Days are Every Monday, Wendsday and Friday. We provide transportation to/from the farm, from the Onblonde Palm Beach location. Boarding transport, pick up and delivery can be arranged for anytime. An appointment can be made at the spa by calling

Q: What will my dog do at the Onblonde Farm?

A: We provide 3.5 acres for dogs to run and socialize with dogs according to size and temperament. You can watch a day on our farm looks like here.

Q: What does Onblonde mean?

A: Onblonde is a word that we created to describe the Palm Beach style and aesthetic that combines both nature and luxury.

Q:Who is the photographer on the Onblonde website?

A: Rose E. Martin is our Palm Beach photographer. More of her work can be seen on her website: www.rosemartinphoto.com

Q: What are the requirements for boarding my dog?

A: Your dog must be at least three months of age, and  have proof of up to date immunizations including Rabies, Parvo, DHLP, and Bordetella (6 month  nasal), by providing a fax from your veterinarian.  (Puppy Care available for under 3 Months)

Q:  Do you accept all breeds, ages and dispositions? Do you board elderly or sick dogs?

A: We accept all breeds of dogs, however, we do require a consultation meeting at our discretion before boarding. We like to know our boarders, and for them to know us, before drop off. Sometimes this is not possible and we can accommodate almost any situation. We do board elderly dogs, but require all vet information  and credit card on file. Sick dogs: we cannot, for health of our other boarders, knowingly board sick dogs. If they become ill, they will be taken to you vet, local vet or local emergency vet hospital until illness is determined. If non-contagious they can come back and finish their stay with us.

Q  Do  you offer multi-dog discounts?

A. Yes. For same HOUSEHOLD dogs we do. !/2 off for each additional dog.
Q: Do you offer webcam services or Skype?

A: Soon we will offer Skype with your pet. We do not currently plan to offer webcam services, but this could change. This is mainly due to security and the need for our clients privacy, even involving their pets.

Q:  Am I required to purchase a bath after boarding at Onblonde?

A:  After boarding, we recommend a bath! Your pup will have been playing more then ever before! You are not required to get a bath, however, after 3 nights of boarding we offer 1/2 off baths.. After 7 nights we offer FREE baths and 1/2 off full grooming. If you are returning on a weekend, your pup will be brushed and wiped, but baths and grooms will be offered the coming week, since it is a weekend, we have no professional bather or groomer on staff. Short haired dogs excluded, they will get bathed.

Q. Can I visit the Farm before or during my dogs visit?

A. Yes. You can arrange to visit us at the farm before your dog boards. Call the store to arrange a time. During your dogs stay you may visit as well.